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Tournaments and leagues

Tournament or League, Single, Double, Triple, DYP, Two Person, Team, Public or not public


Group Phase, Swiss System, KO Round, Kratzer Round

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present your games live

– Unlimited Tournament
– Individual setting options for the game mode in all rounds
– Versatile game plan selection for the knockout round
– Automatic board allocation with scribe information
– Automatic player transfer to the knockout rounds
  (main and consolation rounds)

– Ranking creation
– different point distribution groups
– Creation of best performances and best performance points
– Creation of individual registration forms (online registration)
– Specifying a participant limit with a waiting list

Additional functions

2K Tournament Basic +

Tournament management

2K Tournament Classic

Tournament management

Play the 2K league games via the Darts Scorer and broadcast the results live

all results – all stats
everything live

2K run

Play league games via the Darts Scorer and broadcast them live at www.2k-livedarts.de

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